28 September 2008


OK, not speedpaint, evidently, but I'm trying out lineart on the tablet as well, and I just love the way pressure sensitivity affects the brush size. I never liked working with real brushes (drawing or painting) because it's too messy for me. Lovely-jovely!

27 September 2008

Trash Film Festival photo report

As you might (or might not) know, Trash Film Festival is an annual movie-award event taking place in Varaždin, Croatia. It specializes in the appreciation of low-budget moviemaking, in the spirit of support and homage to aspiring moviemakers like the archetypal Edward Wood. "The Civilization of Doom" by Pejić Bros. won in the sci-fi category (others being horror, action, martial arts, and audience choice). Since I was heavily involved (let's just say I've heard it said that "there's too much of [my] name in the movie's credits"), I like to think of it as a slice of personal achievement. Of course, Pejić Bros. were the main men on this project, and many other people contributed to it; it was by no means a one man show. The whole process of making this movie was immensely fun and instructive, and it's just frosting on the cake that others also appreciate the result. Well, here it is, finally got the photos. I'm posting some of the highlights. Pejić Bros. (Krešo & Luka) und yours truly:

We distributed the Civilization of Doom Intro a bit late, so I'm the only one we caught (read: faked) reading it:


Caught again:


Luka & moi:


Colleagues trash-movie-makers and trash-movie-lovers:

Trash-award-winners and one leech (er, me):

 Award ceremony; Luka: "Thank you for watching and rewarding our trash!"

The coveted Golden Chainsaw:


Me, and Bore Lee:




That's all, folks.

 *** Moving on now, I'll hopefully be posting some speedpaints next, as I've finally bought a tablet! And a Wacom, at that! Hooray! Life is good.