27 March 2010


Desert elves have skinny legs.

Old Pistols

A zapravo sam trebao pisati seminar iz povijesti Dubrovnika.

26 March 2010

The King

King? What king? Ye barmy or what? Thar be no king in Sigil. It be ruled by th' Lady o' Pain, and her will alone be all ye need worry about while yer stay here. - Kroddick the Slightly Clueless, who would wake up one day to find a bariaur head bloodying his bedsheets The dark of it is: there indeed is a King in Sigil. You would do well not to cross his path no more than the Lady's shadow. His power lies not in force, but knowledge; it is said that his organization spans the planes and that he has ears everywhere. You do not find work with them; they find it for you. You might even be working for them already; you just don't know it. And who is he really? Well, if this one theory is to be believed, he's a paeliryon of great cunning, once a great military strategist and victor of endless battles in the Blood War. One day he got tired of it all, and tricked his superiors into signing his leave papers. He set himself up in Sigil, and now pulls the strings of many a criminal endeavour. It is said that he is unreachable, and untouchable. He never leaves his hideout, which some would suspect to be either in Undersigil or in one of the Lady's mazes. Pah! Clearly it is not so hard, for I have sketched this here portrait, the King himself, whilst sharing with him a tale, a glass of Pandemonium Port, and some Abyssal Fireseeds. And he's quite an agreeable chap, once you get to talk with him a while. Very polite. A real gentleman. A king, indeed!

21 March 2010


Dobar koncert. Oću još. :(

17 March 2010


Pejsaž s motorijade. :D


Naškrabano na tratini prigodom motorijade u Slavonskom Brodu (Uriah Heep) prošle godine...

06 March 2010

Natrag #24

Još jednom, moj skromni doprinos za Natrag.

03 March 2010

Steampunk Space Opera

A few sketches for a cover to a steampunk-space opera anthology. My personal favourite, it occurs, was the editor's also. And here it is.