07 December 2008


I've started RP-ing Planescape with my mates... here are two characters; two more will come later. "It is only just. And I am the Hand of Justice." -- Shadi (Bladeling Monk 2, LN) "(pokes) ... You are soft." -- Gizmo (Modron Wiz 1, LN)



"I'll be back." -- Athro Wothis, Blackguard Priest of the Dark Star

24 October 2008

Throg Rider

Surprise, surprise, not a speedpaint. I can't bring the tablet with me to lectures - which is where I usually draw. :D

28 September 2008


OK, not speedpaint, evidently, but I'm trying out lineart on the tablet as well, and I just love the way pressure sensitivity affects the brush size. I never liked working with real brushes (drawing or painting) because it's too messy for me. Lovely-jovely!

27 September 2008

Trash Film Festival photo report

As you might (or might not) know, Trash Film Festival is an annual movie-award event taking place in Varaždin, Croatia. It specializes in the appreciation of low-budget moviemaking, in the spirit of support and homage to aspiring moviemakers like the archetypal Edward Wood. "The Civilization of Doom" by Pejić Bros. won in the sci-fi category (others being horror, action, martial arts, and audience choice). Since I was heavily involved (let's just say I've heard it said that "there's too much of [my] name in the movie's credits"), I like to think of it as a slice of personal achievement. Of course, Pejić Bros. were the main men on this project, and many other people contributed to it; it was by no means a one man show. The whole process of making this movie was immensely fun and instructive, and it's just frosting on the cake that others also appreciate the result. Well, here it is, finally got the photos. I'm posting some of the highlights. Pejić Bros. (Krešo & Luka) und yours truly:

We distributed the Civilization of Doom Intro a bit late, so I'm the only one we caught (read: faked) reading it:


Caught again:


Luka & moi:


Colleagues trash-movie-makers and trash-movie-lovers:

Trash-award-winners and one leech (er, me):

 Award ceremony; Luka: "Thank you for watching and rewarding our trash!"

The coveted Golden Chainsaw:


Me, and Bore Lee:




That's all, folks.

 *** Moving on now, I'll hopefully be posting some speedpaints next, as I've finally bought a tablet! And a Wacom, at that! Hooray! Life is good.

22 August 2008

Why So Serious?

Everybody's drawing Heath Ledger these days. I still prefer Burton's Batmans. So there.

20 August 2008

Civilization of Doom

A short intro leaflet for the movie Civilization of Doom @ Trash Film Festival 2008

Front page, also poster done earlier.

Pages 2 and 3 will be unfolded as in the picture...


... and the back. The brochure bit is largely inspired by the original Duck & Cover promotional video, and then somewhat by the game Fallout (which, in turn, also used said promotional video as inspiration). The movie it promotes largely draws inspiration from Mad Max, though not exclusively (notice zombies). Ah, whoamikidding, it's Mad Max, Fallout, and Dawn of the Dead. There. Happy?

16 August 2008


Vaguely inspired by Stephen King's The Dark Tower. I think. Though this was actually something of an experiment with sharp lines and it's not really a success. His left arm looks shorter than his right one, too. Yes, let's suppose that it was deliberate.

19 July 2008

D&D party

The characters in my D&D sessions. The Paladin is the same as in the previous post. This is just a quick sketch; I like to liven up the things with these, usually giving out small drawings of important items that they might find, and stuff.

17 July 2008

Paladin of Helm

Another paladin. It's some cosmic coincidence, I draw paladins more than any other class in D&D, and I don't even like them that much. This one's a friend's character in the sessions I'm leading, and his birthday present. :)

03 July 2008

The City of Stormfort

A map for a city in my D&D campaign. Yeah, well, I'm bored.

30 May 2008


Some sketches for a comic I'm working on. Sci-fi.


25 May 2008

Kiosk budućnosti

... koji će imati SVE.

A Few Sketches

Some bounty hunter girl or whatever.

Vincent, a character I'm fleshing out for a project. Still can't quite decide what style to use; I was originally aiming for Tintin-like 'clear line' sort of a thing, but I think it'll look more like the left one.

26 April 2008


Started reading Hellboy recently, and got hooked. I'm not sure about his feet, though, as Mignola makes a point of hiding those piggytoes in shadow or off-panel constantly.

24 March 2008


Another snailpaint. About three hours, interruptions excluded, I'd say. I was thinking, hmm, why don't I draw me an avatar for the forums... then I thought, yeah, make it a skull. Or a robot? A robot skull! Yes! Terminatorish.

Have I mentioned how much I'd like a Wacom tablet?


First attempt at speedpainting. Snailpainting in my case, took me about four hours. Completely random and out of scratch; I hadn't even decided what it was I was drawing until the mountains came to shape. "The mountains, Gandalf!"

Anyways, this could very well be a city for my D&D campaign. :)


Heh heh. :)

23 March 2008


I think that a message of peace gets across far better with the help of a catchy tune and a guitar solo in the middle.

24 February 2008

Pejic Bros.

Logo thingy for friends who pretend to make movies. :D

27 January 2008

Paladin of Discordia

My character in a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. A chaotic neutral Paladin (Anarch) of Eris. Read Principia Discordia and Dragon Magazine #310 if you're mystified.


Illustrations for a goth/industrial site T-shirt design competition. Didn't win.

26 January 2008

Doctor Who

Namesake of this blog, The Doctor. :)

Well, I've recently discovered this fantastic revival of the cult British sci-fi TV series, and under its influence drew this during a lecture. I've since watched through the second season as well, but I still prefer Christopher Eccleston's portrayal. I'm surprised to have got his features more or less right, for I'm unaccustomed to drawing real people without reference. His nose and ears probably made it easier. 'Course, the TARDIS is completely wrong. :)

Random Sketches

Something Old

Oh, yes, mothballs.


I've never been one for 'going with the flow', and blogs are an example. I used to have a LiveJournal account about five years ago. But it was mostly private, and I eventually got bored with it. Some years after that, blogs become all the rage. Oh, been there done that, I think to myself, and vow never to start one again, mostly out of spite. And also because, like 99% of bloggers, I don't have anything groundbrakingly smart to say.

However... the practical use of the blog, namely the sketchblog, has for the most while eluded me. And all of a sudden, everybody's got one. And then, stopping to think and review my opinion on blogs, I decide that it wouldn't be a crime to have one after all. So here it is. My very own repository of discarded rubbish that has been spewed forth by the clash of inept skills and acute boredom. My sketchblog.

I have a profile on DeviantArt and it is where I'll still upload any 'real' work; this blog here will be used only for sketches and ideas. This will, hopefully, create an illusion that I'm actually doing any real work in the background.

Enjoy, if at all possible. :)