15 November 2013


'Sketched' in 3D (SketchUp), printed out at low opacity, details added with a blue pencil, inked with black pen (size 0,3).

08 November 2013


Sketched in 3D, printed out, inked on paper, scanned, shaded in Photoshop. All the steps considered, this is probably the most time-consuming picture I've ever done. With that in mind, the result is a bit underwhelming, I know. But I wanted to try it out anyway, and the 3D will not be wasted (nor was it made for this purpose). :)

04 November 2013

Džuka Džabalebaroš 39

Lako se moglo dogoditi i da Džuka dobije posao u staračkom, ali mi je onda pala na pamet fora sa Čobijem. :)

03 November 2013

02 November 2013

Humans of New York studies

A bit of quick practice: sketching with Humans of New York as reference.