26 February 2010


This is my workplace. I could use a professional, or at least slanted, drawing table. But, I gotta make do with this for now. As of yesterday, I'm done with exams for this semester; I sketched two pages of Vixen Virago and inked one, all within the last 24 hours. :) All seven pages visible in the photo. It's too bad I can't show you anything for now. I hope Jurica gets on with that soon.

25 February 2010

Brush tryout

 I bought a brush the other day (and some ink) in order to try something new (this is my first and so far only drawing done with a soft brush - I'd only used metal brushes before, years ago). So I found a sketch I wasn't too happy with and inked it. I managed to mess it up only a little bit, and discovered that my hands are shaky. I'm too used to pressing a pencil upon the paper when I ink, so I'm not sure if this is me. But, eh, maybe I give it a few more tries...

01 February 2010