20 August 2009

Vixen fan-art?

Hahah, my girlfriend, Vesna, totally cheered me up with this today! She usually does little things like this out of Fimo polymer clay. This was attached to my birthday present - a Queen biography. I can't tell which I like better. :)

08 August 2009

Out to sea!

I'm due for...


... a change of scenery. I'm off to Biograd for a week. No updates till I'm back, and hopefully I'll keep myself busy even there! :D Ta!

04 August 2009

Vixen Virago p1 colour

Unfortunately, colouring this page has been rather slow and tedious work. This suggests that the final comic will have to be B&W if I am to meet the weekly deadlines. Colour might return one day, however, if ever an album comes out or something. :D