26 January 2008


I've never been one for 'going with the flow', and blogs are an example. I used to have a LiveJournal account about five years ago. But it was mostly private, and I eventually got bored with it. Some years after that, blogs become all the rage. Oh, been there done that, I think to myself, and vow never to start one again, mostly out of spite. And also because, like 99% of bloggers, I don't have anything groundbrakingly smart to say.

However... the practical use of the blog, namely the sketchblog, has for the most while eluded me. And all of a sudden, everybody's got one. And then, stopping to think and review my opinion on blogs, I decide that it wouldn't be a crime to have one after all. So here it is. My very own repository of discarded rubbish that has been spewed forth by the clash of inept skills and acute boredom. My sketchblog.

I have a profile on DeviantArt and it is where I'll still upload any 'real' work; this blog here will be used only for sketches and ideas. This will, hopefully, create an illusion that I'm actually doing any real work in the background.

Enjoy, if at all possible. :)


Great One O' Flames said...

Having a bog IS a crime!
Any kind of a blog!

And crime is a shit that needs wiping out!

Domigorgon said...

Ho ho ho. :)