04 January 2014

Machina Arcana - Steampunk Items

More leftovers from last year. I was briefly involved in a project called Machina Arcana - now successfully funded on Kickstarter (my congratulations to the team)!

My original mission was to illustrate environments, but it turned out not to be my cup of tea. So they switched me to items, and I was happy with that, at first... Unfortunately, I was none too satisfied with the rate and quality of my output (when compared to other artists' on the team), so I quit. About a dozen of these item illustrations should still find their way into the final product, though. And here they are...

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Juraj Bilic said...

Indeed we had the pleasure of cooperating with you! All the best to your endeavors sir!
Btw your illustrations are redrawn, but Damir and Karin used your initial concepts for their work.