27 April 2010

Sergej Brush Tryout

Bought two more brushes. Tried some quick sketches and inked them. I think I like size 1 best so far (number 2 of the tryout lines in the upper left corner) . At least I think that's size 1. And then I looked up some tutorials on brush care and suddenly remembered why I never liked working with the damn things. But, eh, I like the result (brush lines are sexy), so I'll be giving it a try with an 8-page episode of Sergej written by Jurica Starešinčić (the script is already delivered and I am slowly making some progress). Yeah, notice the egocentric detail: tryout of signatures. :D


Bob said...

Go, go, go! :) Jedva čekam vidit koju tablu toga.

Maxim said...

Fak jea! potpisujem Bobov komentar :)

Domigorgon said...

I ja potpisujem! :D