04 October 2013

Google+ is evil!

I've fixed the problem that's been bothering me for days now. At first I thought it was my Photoshop/Color settings, but it turns out the problem was all along - Google!

In fact, the problem was Google+, which I didn't even have!

As it turns out, to solve the problem - I had to make a Google+ account, just so I could go into its settings and turn off something called "Auto Enhance", probably because Google defines the word "enhance" as "mess up". So if you're a Blogger user and your images get messed up after upload (i.e. change in colour, saturation, etc.), the problem is probably with Google+. Which you probably don't even have or use. And which has nothing whatsoever to do with Blogger - well, at least it shouldn't.

Imagine not being able to unclog your toilet because there's a loose shingle on your roof.


Maxim said...

Dobri stari bullying fašisoidnih socijalnih mreža. Poznato mi je. Slične pizdarije google u sprezi sa Youtubom izvodi. I to ono, neće ti dati opciju "ne" i pustiti te na miru, nego će te jebat dok ne stisneš "da" ili se odjaviš sa mreže.

Domigorgon said...

Baš su naporni s tim Google Plusom. Neće nikada sustići Facebook, ma koliko se oni trudili. I Microsoft je s konja na magarca skočio gašenjem MSN-a i prebacivanjem na Skype.