07 January 2010

Another Chance

Another unfinished story here, and I was actually halfway done (8 pages intended), and had even had a finished script and sketched pages.

I was doing this for the CRŠ 2008 festival (Funny Comics Show), because the CRŠ 2007 catalogue claimed the next topic would be "time machine." As months passed, there appeared to be no further news of whether there was even going to be a festival, let alone any deadline for comics submissions. So I delayed, and eventually quit. Mainly because I was dissatisfied with the last page; I made a lot of mistakes (hands in panels 3 and 4, for example, annoyed me a lot), wasn't so sure about the story any more, and I was altogether demotivated in the end. :( I can so easily find reasons to quit doing something like this, and of course I regret it later.

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