06 January 2010

Return of the Mothballs

Well, this is slightly newer... only two years old. It was intended to be only six pages, and yet I quit.

One of the reasons that I never finished this was because I didn't like the second page as much as the first, and thought of redoing it, but never found the will to bother. Or continue regardless. The idea was sort of a parody on Lovecraft. It's the future, the world is ruined, and the rulers of the world (who also happen to be cultists) decide it is time to summon their lord and master: Oggsogoth, the Tentacled Dreadfulness From The Backstage Universe of Doom. Once they sacrifice some virgins and bathe themselves in their blood, completing the summoning ritual, Oggsogoth arrives; but he is not what they had expected. As it happens, the race of Backstage Denizens has evolved from their vile beginnings of millennia ago, and has decided that they are better off without all the cultists and blood and pentacles, having devoted their immortal lives to peaceful meditation. Oggsogoth expresses his sympathies, hoping that mankind will find ways to evolve as well, and leaves the bewildered cultists to enjoy their ruined Earth.


Maxim said...

crtanje stripova je kao meditiranje u nekom hramu u tibetu, ako nemaš apsolutni mir, mo'š se slikat sa koncentracijom

a tebi je studij ipak velika olakotna okolnost, jer ono ipak velik dio pažnje odvlači čovjeku

ali samo nastavi crtat, napredak je i bit će očit!;)

Domigorgon said...

Pa i nije neka olakotna okolnost, uzme li se u obzir koliko slobodnog vremena utucem na D&D, igranje igrica na kompu, i sl. :D

Zapravo, najvise me inspiracija puca za vrijeme dosadnih predavanja! (prvi kadar prve table nacrtan na satu prapovijesti i antike)