03 January 2010

Dawn of Finished Projects?

Year 2010. Something like five years has passed now since I started working on a sci-fi/fantasy comic, and a little less than that since I stopped. I'd made five pages. Haven't even finished the fifth. This has been symptomatic with all my comic 'projects' to this day: I get an idea, and it seems great at first. I never bother with preparing the story in full, 'cause I'd change my mind halfway through anyway. Only eventually it doesn't even come to that, and I just quit altogether because once a few weeks have passed, I dislike the whole thing, thinking: "What was I THINKING?" And so I drop the project. A while passes, sometimes even years, and then I get another idea... and the whole process repeats itself. Or did. I hope that this is behind me now. I hope the same will not happen with Vixen Virago, and that I will finish what I start from now on. And that comic of five years ago? Here it is, finally making its sad debut:


 Yes, I always overdo it in the first panel. Always. This was to be in colour. I'd started colouring the individual buildings in that panel. Madness! Sparta! Rains of frogs!!!


Shuckey said...

OK, so you started putting more comics on your blog, just as I asked you to. Do me one more favor and put some FINISHED comics next time.

IOW... I wanna see how it ends!!!

(Why am I writing in English?)

Domigorgon said...

I'm sorry, but you might be very disappointed. It's a ritual sort of thing. Once I upload all unfinished stuff (there will be a lot of it this week), I can move on. And hopefully, finish future projects. So you might have to wait a while... :)

(for finished stuff, check out my DeviantArt page)