23 October 2010

War of the Worlds: Tripods in the City

Been reading H. G. Wells recently, and felt inspired. Too bad Spielberg ruined a perfect opportunity to give us a rare piece of Victorian SF on film - he just had to go and make it 'contemporary'. Feh!
I know there's at least one more adaptation that is more faithful to the original, but they didn't have the same budget as our old Steven, hey? It should have been reversed.
Of course, the best adaptation so far is The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol. 2, which prompted me to read Wells in the first place. :)

Here's a 'postcard' from them old days of the first Martian Invasion:


Bob said...

Super je! Pogotovo vintage verzija.

Domigorgon said...

Thanks. :)
A tako jeftin trik; naljepis malo teksture i odma se bolje prodaje. :D

Bob said...

Jebiga, tak ti je to u životu. :D